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log files. stories from the internet of things

Workshop, 2017
Visual Communication

The project »log files. stories from the internet of things« creates design proposals that explore new ways of visual communication between humans and machines in an imaginary near future. Our project imagines a series of artistic what-if scenarios using methods of speculative design which investigate the life of Internet of Things (IoT) black boxes. These artistic findings reveal possible implications of emerging technologies in the IoT, like privacy, transparency, and participation. Visual stories provide a lens for exploring the social, ethical, and aesthetic implications of society-technology relations in the era of connected things.

Project supervision: Tina Frank, Marianne Pührerfellner, David Lechner, Barbara von Rechbach

Students: Ana-Maria Dumitrache, Anna Christina Eickhoff, Maria Fröhlich, Enikő Gál, Daniel Huber, Martina Jäger, Helena Kappelmüller, Theresa Korherr, Marco Langguth, Yoon Kyung Lee, Jung Ui Lee, Marjan Moradhasel, Barbara Oppelt, Hana Oprešnik, Daniela Poschauko, Valentina Recheis, Eva-Maria Schitter, Teresa Schuh, Julia Singer, Sonja Thoms, Vera Tolazzi, Annette Valcic, Sophia Wäger, Lisa-Marie Witting

Impressions from the Workshop

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© department Visual Communication
© department Visual Communication
Workshop ”Internet of Things“, 2017
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