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Requirement for Admittance

The requirement for admittance into the master programme Visual Communication is the successful completion of a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communication - e.g. in visual communication, graphic design, photography, communication design, media design, information design, or time-based and interactive media. Sometimes we accept students from other fields, if their portfolio shows sufficient knowledge and skills in the fields of Graphic Design and Photography.

Admission Standards

Applicants are to demonstrate their suitability for a Master’s Degree in an interview with the selection committee. They are to present their own work relating to the programme, mediate the motivation behind their application and outline the goals they hope to achieve within the Master’s Degree.


The process of the continually advancing digitization of our society is generating new affiliations for the design of words and images. Accordingly, the department engages with visual com­munication using innovative methods and approaches to encourage personally motivated artistic research between experimental form and conceptual content. Students develop projects using analogue and digital media and taking into account transmedial narrative forms in graphic design and photography while focusing on social topics. They are thus also a form of commentary on the various conditions of our society.

The department explores the interfaces between content and form, text and image as well as theory and praxis. Students engage with issues that promote conceptual thinking, enabling them to develop design processes for their individual practise­oriented projects. An understanding of media and formats, and a feeling for the differences of materiality in each media format are the bases for training in visual communication; the scope of the projects ranges from personally motivated artistic research to applied design praxis.


Please be aware that our study is not an international course programme, the courses are not taught in English. Some teachers are able to hold classes in English, but it is required that you are able to follow the courses in German. You are to proof your knowledge of German until the beginning of the 3rd semester. (Level B1 with at least 210 points or level B2 with at least 75 points). You will have to take part in courses with deep discussions on theory in German language.

Admission Procedure

1. Online registration

Online registration for the entrance examination is possible during the respective registration period (see Studies & Admission / Entrance Examination) at www.zulassung.ufg.at.

2. Admission interview
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A few days before the admission interview, we will inform you by e-mail about the precise time of your personal interview with the Admission Board. Bring your portfolio along for the talk. We kindly ask you to send us a motivation letter beforehand.

Information for applicants from abroad: - If you need to come to Linz from abroad for the admission talk, we propose having a look at your portfolio in advance so as to offer a first assessment of whether you might be suitable for the Master programme. For this purpose, please send your portfolio in digital format (pdf, link) to viskom.info@ufg.at.

Even if this first assessment should be negative, you have the right and the possibility to take part in an admission interview with the Admission Board.

- The admission interview can also be conducted in the English language.

In case you are not able to come personally, we can give you an interview via skype. We will only grant you an interview via skype, if:

– you have sent us a PDF of your portfolio 20 days prior to the final day of registration and
– this portfolio was rated excellent by the team of the department of visual communication.

Please note, that a personal interview with the exam commission gives you significantly higher possibilities to show your works, to talk about your approaches and to convince the jury about your creative personality than an interview via skype.

Further information
The curriculum is designed as a full-time programme, not as an executive course for working professionals. 

Information about tuition fees for international students: studien.office@ufg.at

Information about documents for international students:


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