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Population Infinite

17. März 2021, 17.00 bis 18.00 Uhr ONLINE on Interface Cultures Virtual Department @Gather.Town

Interface Cultures Invited Lectures Series on Critical Data mit Anastasis Germanidis.

Meeting link: gather.town
For connectivity problems, please contact davide.bevilacqua@ufg.at

In this talk, artist and engineer Anastasis Germanidis will present some of the tools, interfaces, and artworks that he worked on in the past few years and the learnings that have happened along the way. These projects include Runway, a machine learning tool for creators, Antipersona, an app that lets you browse Twitter from the perspective of another account, and Randomly Generated Social Interactions, a performance app that invites participants to interact with one other using computer-generated scripts.

Anastasis Germanidis is a Greek artist and engineer. He is currently a co-founder/CTO at Runway. His projects have been shown at Ars Electronica Festival, Festival de Cannes - Le Marché du Film, The Athens Concert Hall, and The Museum of Moving Image, and featured in The Telegraph, Die Zeit, and WIRED, among other outlets.


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