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L.E.V. Festival

29. April und 2. Mai 2018 Paraninfo, Auditorium Laboral City of Culture2

Enrique Tomas, Doktoratsstudent bei Interface Cultures, lädt zum Konzert und zur Vorlesung.

Enrique Tomas will be giving a concert and an academic lecture on the research he developed at the Kunstuni in Spain.

Author: Enrique Tomás
Event: L.E.V. Festival (Gijón) and University of Arts of Vigo, Spain.
Enrique Tomás (Tangible Music Lab) will perform at the renown electronic music festival L.E.V. his piece
"A Moment of Transition"
on April 29th 2018, 5.00 and 6.00 p.m.; Paraninfo / Auditorium Laboral City of Culture2 and will hold a conference in the Art University of Vigo on May 2nd 2018 on the artistic reaearch he develops in our University.

‘A Moment of Transition’ is a live electronic performance produced with digital instruments whose form or shape has been inspired by certain sound gestures. Through the action of the hand, these instruments called “embodied gestures” are activated and enable manipulation of musical information. At this concert, Enrique Tomás shows us how much our body is in fact responsible for creating those ‘moments of transition’ between objects and music. The result of this encounter: a live performance made of abstract sound materials and resonant deep textures.

© Enrique Tomas