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L-INKED One-to-One Interaction

2. Oktober 2021, 22.00 Uhr Female Sensibility Exhibition Space, Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz

Jaskaran Anand, Interface Cultures Student, zeigt seine Performances im Rahmen der Lange Nacht der Museen Linz.

workshop/performance(60 minutes)

Accompanied by...Simona Štangová (movement partner)

How can art forms help us to understand complex behaviors and ways of thinking? What role does information play in our body? L-INKED one-to-one interaction is a performative researchm series, under the project L-INKED - by and with Jaskaran Anand, which takes place in the context of the exhibition "Female Sensibility".
L-INKED focuses on questions of sexuality, love, desire and gender. It is about the intersections of different cultural and social perceptions on the aforementioned topics. Participants are encouraged to delve deeply into the emotionality of
their bodies, reconnect and reformulate learned social patterns.
He/we focus to develop different (new) ways of thinking and to be invited to discover the liberation of, prefabricated bodies through dance, theatre and meditative practices and to think through non-verbal participatory methods.


The expanded version of this intervention takes place on 4.11.2021, 18. 00 Uhr.