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summer 2021 various location in Linz and Wien

Jaskaran Anand, Interface Cultures Student, lädt im Sommer 2021 zu Performances an unterschiedlichen Orten.

Project teaser (explaining production through an object - task by brut wien at imagetanz 2021): vimeo.com/524338026
Read the interview with Jaskaran Anand and Brut Wien about the project

Event Registration at: orga-trivium@jaskarananand.com

At the end of each month short videos regarding the interaction events will be available on the website media page

To keep in touch with the public events/dates related with the different formats of the project L-INKED, please visit here.

L-INKED / The Transcription meets MusikImRaum
"Desire - Beziehungen in Fluss"
2. Juli 2021, 19.00 Uhr
Am Winterhafen 33-21, 4020 Linz
and giving a heads up that the there might be change in the time (+ 30 - 60 minutes) due to weather conditions. In case of complete cancellation the performance will be planned to take place on
20. Juli 2021, 19.00 Uhr
Stay tuned through the facebook event or our instagram story for any changes occurring due to weather conditions.

A physical endurance workshop with dance, meditative & theater improvisation inspired from Jazz, Contemporary, Bollywood & other social dances, for teenagers and adults
24. Juli 2021, 16.30 Uhr @ Kaisermühler
as part of PUBLIC MOVES 2021 (ImPulsTanz Vienna International Dance Festival and Kultursommer Wien)

A dancing city tour with live music composer
27. Juli 2021, 18.00 Uhr, on the streets of Linz
Audio- Video extension Streamed here
Registration for physical event: mitmachen@pangea.at

L-INKED One-to-One Interaction Session 4
A participative get-together evening reflecting on the influence of space in the formation of relationships
29. Juli 2021, 18.00 Uhr @Initiative Raumschiff Linz
Registration for physical event : orga-trivium@jaskarananand.com

L-INKED in Open Spaces, The Transcription (work-in-progress)
6. August 2021, 19.00 Uhr @ MQ Wien
in collaboration with RE:PRESENT, Calle Libre Street Art Festival Wien

L-INKED The Transcription (indoors, work-in progress): RSVP event
7. August 2021, 20.00 Uhr @ Welt Museum Wien
in collaboration with RE:PRESENT, Calle Libre Street Art Festival Wien