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Improper Walls

3. Oktober 2020, 15.00 Uhr Wien

Jaskaran Anand, Interface Cultures Student, nimmt an der Diskussion teil.

Philosophy Unbound // Lecture: How to artistically portray bodily intimacy? How to transfer feel, touch and closeness into different media?

In this panel talk, we invite selected guests and the audience to think together about the link between embodiment and artistic creation. How can sexuality, mostly considered a matter of feel, be transferred into an audio/visual medium? Is it purely a matter of feel? What about the role imagination plays in sexuality? And how does our relation to this imagination change with the omnipresent audio-visual availability of pornographic images? Porn Film Festival Vienna offers us a possibility to think about the link between the epistemological question of how to generate meaning and the possibilities of artistic expression.

-Gloria Dimmel (AT), hosts genital casting sessions
-Nora Scherer (DE), performance artist & sex worker
-Guus Diepenmaat (BEL), director, actor, visual artist
-Jaskaran Anand (AT/IND), director, performance-artist
-Valentina Duelli (AT), representing Porn Film Festival