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3. bis 15. Mai 2021 EUROPARK Salzburg

Interface Cultures meets EUROPARK

Studierende von Interface Cultures zeigen ihre Arbeiten.

Curator: Fabricio Lamoncha-Martinez

The Digital Square is a mobile lab for speculative research. A space with no hierarchy between art, science, technology and the people performing it. It is a space where all our belief systems are suspended and reevaluated, a space created for new interspecies and alien encounters.

The Digital Square exhibition and all the projects presented, show the result of a series of expeditions and conversations established between a group of students from the Interface Cultures master program of the Art University Linz at the EUROPARK, Salzburg.

EUROPARK is an iconic example of non-place architecture, a superorganism through whose arteries a large segment of the social and cultural tissue of the city flows and interacts.

Students of the Interface Cultures Master program went deep into the bowels of this superorganism in order to extract, analyse and present burning topics in this site-specific exhibition at the Europark shopping mall. Topics that affect our contemporary realities, such as: crypto-economies and the blockchain, critical interfaces and human-machine interaction, guerrilla communication, the physical and the digital body, artificial intelligence and artificial life, media ecologies, climate change narratives, network collaborations, meme re-production, the nature/culture dualism, interspecies relationships and new ethics of care, among others.

Welcome to the DIGITAL SQUARE.

Participating artists:
Amir Bastani, S()fia Braga, Cesar Escudero, Aleksandra Mitic, Giacomo Piazzi, Matthias Pitscher and Olia Svetlanova

Project Website: interface.ufg.ac.at/blog/digital-square/

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On May 4, 12, and 14, 2021, participating students will take over the Instagram account of the University of Art and Design Linz and provide exciting insights into the exhibition via social media.

DIGITAL SQUARE is a cooperation project between Interface Cultures, Kunstuniversität Linz and EUROPARK.


Ausstellung "DIGITAL SQUARE", 2021