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Control Shift

2. bis 18. Oktober 2020 Bristol and online

Irene Posch, Leitung der Abteilung Gestaltung: Technik.Textil, nimmt am Programm teil.

Three weeks of workshops, discussions, installations and screenings - online and across Bristol, UK - exploring ways to reframe and rethink our relationships with technology.

We live in a world where machines increasingly collect information about us, reducing our bodies and the things around us to streams of data. In turn the digital realm can feel abstract, and out of our control. The stuff of computers and digital infrastructure is often hidden out of sight and huge power imbalances exist around who is making technology and who benefits from it. Yet the impact of our interactions with machines and technologies are very much rooted in the body, materials, and emotions.

The Control Shift programme reflects on the intimate relationship we’ve had with technology over the past six months, asking questions such as: What impact do these technologies have on our minds and bodies? How could we digitally-connect differently? And who is creating the digital tools we have become increasingly reliant on? Together we are exploring what happens when we reimagine digital tools through different lenses.