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Tape Delay

Lukas Jakob Löcker 
Interaktive Audioinstallation, 2014
Bachelor Zeitbasierte und Interaktive Medien

This is a matter of interacting with the installation, with the architecture of the space, and ultimately with yourself. Tape Delay is an analog setup that invites you to experiment with sounds, noise and your own voice. Since the 1950s. the sound effect of the same name as this work by lukas Jakob Löcker has been an essential element in many musical genres. To achieve it, audio signals are recorded to an audiotape and played back after a specified time delay. Since both ends of the audio tape are spliced to each other, the tape forms a loop so that the sounds audible in the installation space are played back again by the same audiotape. This analog technology thus enables users to listen in to the past and to leave behind temporary tonal traces.

hard facts:
interactive analog sound installation
2 analoge Bandmaschinen durch 1 Loop verbunden - 1 Recorder, 1 Player - sonischer Effekt, Kommunikation, Interaktivität & Medienarchäologie

2x magnetic tape device + stereo-mic + magnetic tape loop


"Tape Delay" © Lukas Jakob Löcker, 2014
"Tape Delay" © Lukas Jakob Löcker, 2014